Home made Ricotta style cheese

If I would have known how easy this is to make, I would have made my own Ricotta cheese years ago instead of weekly harassing my grocer to get me some. Seriously, it’s no hassle whatsoever. This cheese was made from a liter of 10% coffee cream that was about to pass date in my fridge, but it works as well with whole milk. There is no temperature measuring and you do not require any special equipment. Your sandwich will thank you.

Home made Ricotta style cheese



1 liter whole milk or 10% coffee cream
2 Tbsp Vinegar


In a large pot, heat the milk until it simmers. Mix often to avoid the milk sticking to the bottom. When the milk begins to simmer, pour in the vinegar and mix quickly until clouds of milk solids begin to form. Take the pot off the heat and pour the hot mixture into a cheese cloth (or tea towel) lined colander that is sitting above a large bowl or directly in the sink. Let the cheese cool down a bit, and your done. The more time you let the cheese hang out in the towel, the dryer it gets. You can squeeze the towel for extra dryness. That’s it folks.