How to cook Asparagus in the microwave

Are you intimidated by asparagus? I know I was.

Aren’t you glad we had this talk? I feel much better now.

Until discovering this cooking method, Asparagus was a special occasion dish around here and I fretted each time. Should I boil it? steam it? bake it in the oven? Asparagus just seemed too elegant to mishandle.

Happily, my asparagus anxieties are now the thing of the past. Since I began to cook my asparagus in the microwave, we began to eat it way more often.  “We” being a relative term since I tend to accidentally place the asparagus plate close to me and demolish it not so accidentally before anyone has the chance to ask for seconds. It is that good.

Asparagus in the microwave



1 Asparagus bundle
3 Tbsp olive oil
freshly ground black pepper


1. Wash asparagus spears and chop off the woody bottom part.
2. cut spears in half and place in a microwave safe large bowl or container.
3. Mix in olive oil, salt and pepper.
4. cover lightly and cook for two minutes.
5.Mix asparagus well and taste test one spear to determine if cooked enough. If still under-cooked,cover again and microwave in 30 second increments until cooked to your liking.