A rant and a delicious countdown

I’d like to issue a a warning to my male readers: I am about to talk shop about my pregnancy. Be warned or just skip to the food photos down below at any time if you feel  faint.

So after 17 weeks of nausea (morning sickness is a term invented by a physician who forgot to call his wife in the afternoon), followed by fatigue, pelvic pain, constant early contractions, varicose veins in unmentionable locations and basically every other pregnancy discomfort your garden variety pregnancy guide will list, my unborn child decided she (or he, the ultrasounds were never clear due to her elevated sense of modesty) did not have enough fun with her old mama.

At 35 weeks gestation, I was suddenly declared high risk due to my little prince(ess?)’s decision to stubbornly sit, literally, on her scrawny little bum. To those of you not familiar with the intricacies of baby positions, just bare in mind that babies are supposed to come out head first. At that point in time, almost 9 months pregnant, still unpacking after our recent move and still working full time, I was faced with the following charming options:

1. Do nothing and schedule a cesarean section. Meaning: Go under the knife. Spend a minimum of 48 hours in the hospital. Stitches. And those who prescribe bed rest for 6-8 weeks postpartum have not met my two other children.

2. Show up at my next prenatal appointment for an attempt to manually turn my directionaly challenged baby in the right direction.

Warning: Do not google “external version” if you are pregnant unless you are willing to live with the consequences. Needless to say I haven’t slept for the rest of the week.

Just to spice things up, my usual source of strength and support (aka my husband), had an all important meeting scheduled for the same morning, my ride to the hospital was 45 minutes late and pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, did. Murphy had a field day.

And now, at 39 point four weeks gestation, after being reassured that baby is finally head down and ready to go, I (and one very surprised physician) discovered that the baby has disengaged its stubborn little head from the pelvis and swam back up. Now the hospital wants to make sure she didn’t flip back to her old ways. how reassuring.

What with all that fun and games, I have yet to post a single recipe this month, (wishfully) thinking that I am about to go into labour at any given moment. Since I am due this coming Thursday and mademoiselle seems to be in a laid back sort of mood, I have decided that instead of chewing on my knuckles and watching the clock tick, I will post all the recipes I came up with lately, one day at a time. That way you could actually follow the status of my cervix (did I just print that publicly? I guess I did. Hah!) with me. New recipe? I’m still pregnant! no news? I’m probably pushing a baby out. Wish us luck!

Recipes Upcoming in the baby countdown:

Quick no-yeast whole grain bread. Delicious!

Slow cooker easy stuffed peppers. Scruptious!

Cucumber salad in Tahini sauce. Quick and refreshing!

Greek salad flavored cheese ball. Yum!

Slow-cooker spanish style chicken breast. A real winner!

Miniature cheese cakes. Beyond decadent and surprisingly easy!

Baby Carrots in lemon and garlic. a super side dish!

Super quick goat cheese and tomato sauce for pasta. No words needed.

Rant’s over. Time to cook! see you tomorrow for the first recipe. or not! it’s all up to baby. Welcome to my life!