Microwave Apricot Jam

This jam practically sustained my mother in law through a whole weekend of wrangling babysitting my two little scoundrels treasures, while the hubby and I took off to ogle watch Bon Jovi in Winnipeg.

All. By. Ourselves.

In mere 72 hours we came close to missing our flights and  everything we payed for due to various mechanical failures, befriended a charming husband and wife airline employee duo, watched them divert a plane from it’s course to accommodate us (Thank you guys!!) and grew completely hoarse screaming at the top of our (OK, OK so that was me) lungs under the rain among some 35,000 die hard Bon Jovi fans and lived to tell the tale. Yeah baby.

When we came back, my bursting fridge (So I have a little OCD, nobody’s perfect) was literally untouched. Considering my children, that was not very surprising. Amongst all the fruits and vegetables I bought and prepared, the home made Hummus, the meatballs, bread and cheeses, the only thing that looked different was one  jar containing  the remains of my Apricot Jam.

Thanks Grandma for giving us this weekend. I owe you as much Jam as you can possibly eat.

Quicky microwave Apricot Jam


Yields about 2 cups of Jam


4 cups fresh ripe apricots, pitted and halved (or quartered)
2 cups brown sugar
Juice from half a lemon


Mix everything in a big microwave safe bowl and stick it in your microwave. Cook for about 25-30 minutes, stopping to stir every 5-10 minutes.


This is how the apricot jam looked after 5 minutes in the microwave


This is how it looked after 15 minutes


25 minutes in


and this is how it looks ready, after 30 minutes in the microwave


The Jam will be ready once the juices thicken up a bit. It is easy to check doneness when dropping a few drops of the hot liquid on a cold (fridge cold) plate. It should thicken up almost immediately and not drop off the plate when held upside-down. Place Jam in a clean, dry glass jar. I refrigerate mine, but it doesn’t last long anyway. Enjoy!


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