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Morrocan inspired meatballs with tomatoes, olives and lemon

My husband asked for some meatloaf. Good old meatloaf. The baby was napping and the meat was on the counter. All I had to do was assemble one of the easiest dishes known to man and then drink my coffee in peace. Almost too easy. Too easy. Boring. I just couldn’t do it. My palate was in serious need of some amusement and meatloaf just wasn’t cutting it. Then I came up with these bad boys. If you want to jazz up your good old meatballs, this recipe is for you. Spicy (but not hot), tangy and savory, it is a whole new ball game (pun very much intended).

Moroccan inspired meatballs with tomatoes, olives and lemon

for the meatballs:

1 kg minced beef
2 medium onions minced
1 cup parsley leafs minced
1 egg
1 cup breadcrumbs
tsp salt
tsp pepper

Mix well and shape into golf ball size meatballs. spray a baking sheet with oil,  arrange meatballs on the tray, spray with some more oil and bake for 20  minutes in 450 F (220 C) oven.

For the Sauce:

1 can crushes tomatoes (800 ml)
1 can diced tomatoes (800 ml)
1/4 cup canola oil
Tbsp and a half paprika
2 cups pitted green olives (rinsed)
3 crushed garlic cloves
1 lemon, sliced, pitted

Mix in crockpot, add meat balls and cook on low for 5 hours. Goes great on couscous or rice.


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