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Yesterday I shaved my head

No I didn’t. But it makes for a nice, catchy title, doesn’t it?

In fact, at a certain point yesterday I was giving the notion much serious thought, right about when I realized that for the third time in a row, I will have to entertain my pajama clad little tyrant while I’m in the shower if I ever want to smell like soap again.

Here’s how it goes: I take care of baby, then I take care of baby, and then I take some more care of baby. At a certain point I realize that these spit up stains on my shoulder will not considerately go away by themselves. Add to that the panic attack I get when I realize I will have to answer the door looking like this, and you get an overwhelming urge to take a shower. Then I wait patiently until the baby is safely out of my arms.

After two or three days, I tire of waiting. I decide to take a proactive approach and give myself these much-needed 10 minutes anyway. I start with padding our bathroom floor rug with a few more towels and gently placing disgruntled baby on top. I Then take my longed for hot shower in 3 minute increments, stopping periodically to update the boss on my progress.

That’s when it hit me. Shaving my head will make for an even shorter shower time, thus improving productivity. My boss will surely be pleased.

All I need to do now is to find a few minutes for myself  to do it.


5 thoughts on “Yesterday I shaved my head

  1. Catchy title, eh ? I was just about to burst into tears, nearly ready to wear a sackcloth and ashes, yelling a the-louder-the-better “NnNnnnoOooOoooo” that could probably had been heard “a mari usque ad mare” (for non-latinist people, “from sea to sea”), and then…. I read the second line 😀
    I apologize for the following poor joke, but I miss the Adam’s family (argh, sounds worst once written 😦 ). Seriously, I miss you, Adam, Noa and Tom (though I just saw him for 15 minutes).
    Take care !

    PS : I second kanmuri’s motion. Don’t you dare shaving your hair 😉 !


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