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Slow Cooker Succulent Turkey Breast

It really can't get easier then this, or more delicious. Slices from this turkey breast recipe feed my family for days, are great warm or cold (my personal favorite) and make kick ass sandwiches, salads and stir-frys. It is very tasty serves warm with mashed potatoes, but even better chilled overnight, then thinly sliced. Love… Continue reading Slow Cooker Succulent Turkey Breast

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Slow Cooker Orange and Honey Beef stew

A list of things I want you to know: 1.My family and I are in the midst of relocating¬†ourselves, our three children under the age of five, our clothes, our books and what is left of our peripheral nervous system. 2. We are leaving the cold, wild North, the only home my children have ever… Continue reading Slow Cooker Orange and Honey Beef stew

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Slow cooker Chicken in wine and mushrooms

I should really be fancy and call this dish something along the lines of "Coq au vin blanc et champignons". Doesn't everything sound better in French? It does, if you take a moment to ignore my accent. French¬†pronunciation¬†aside, this dish does, excuse my French, kicks b*tt. It is rich, comforting and elegant. A perfect company… Continue reading Slow cooker Chicken in wine and mushrooms

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Slow Cooker Polish Pickle Soup

No, I'm not pregnant again, thank you very much. I just love pickles. And soups. And this brilliant combination of the two. My Polish friend M. is the one who introduced me to this dish. M. is a medical professional, a talented musician, a great cook and an all around funny guy. He has this… Continue reading Slow Cooker Polish Pickle Soup

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Baby Countdown #6 Slow-cooker Spanish Style Chicken breast

Last night I thought that was it. Labor I mean. I have been contracting every ten minutes since 8 PM, and throughout most of the night. Not being able to get any shut eye, I lovingly suffered the increasingly intense labor pains and waited for the desired 5 minutes mark. Which of course never came.… Continue reading Baby Countdown #6 Slow-cooker Spanish Style Chicken breast

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Baby Countdown #2 Slow-Cooker Easy stuffed Peppers

Hello? Don't hang up! I'm still there! even though I came quite close to losing my operating room virginity this very afternoon. As it so happened, I was attending a routine 40 weeks check up today when the good doctor noticed that although the belly is prominent, it's inhabitant is not, shall we say, very… Continue reading Baby Countdown #2 Slow-Cooker Easy stuffed Peppers