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Quick Salmon Lasagna

Our family has hit many important milestones this month. I have reached eight months of my third pregnancy, celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary and got fired by email, all in the same week! the following three weeks included goodies such as finding myself a replacement (an insignificant detail that my highly intelligent (ahem) coordinator at… Continue reading Quick Salmon Lasagna

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Sesame Crusted Salmon and Tuna Loaf with white dill sauce

Light, airy and elegant looking, this fish loaf is a perfect answer to the eternal question. "what's for supper?". Especially if you have company coming, you don't have time to go shopping and you are generally busy not having a life...or is it having too much of it? I never really grasped the full meaning of… Continue reading Sesame Crusted Salmon and Tuna Loaf with white dill sauce

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Slow-Cooker corn and fish Chowder

Finally. A recipe interesting enough to share. I planned to tell you how I'm feeling all better now but then I managed to jam my lower back rolling out off bed. How pathetic is that? Now I need help putting  my socks on. So romantic. No wonder my poor husband falls all over himself trying… Continue reading Slow-Cooker corn and fish Chowder

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Gefilte Fish Loaf

I initially hesitated naming this dish Gefilte fish which literally means "stuffed fish". Traditionally made from ground carp or pike (or White fish), the seasoned fish ball is stuffed back into the fish's skin, then cooked and served cut in pretty slices. VERY labor intensive. Jewish matriarchs had live carps swimming in the tub on holiday eve's, pots and pans were filled… Continue reading Gefilte Fish Loaf

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Sole in butter, lemon and capers

I probably mentioned this earlier, but my father is an amazing cook. Totally devoted. His dishes are always succulent and he follows recipes to a tee. My mother says I am my father's daughter but here is where the apple took a slight detour from the tree. I always tweak my recipes. part scientific curiosity and… Continue reading Sole in butter, lemon and capers