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Carlifornia roll sushi bowl

This super fun family meal was a huge success around here. My 11 year old daughter ate 3 bowls and the little ones were so curious they forgot to fuss about the “green stuff”. Sushi bowl is a great “make it yourself” kind of meal, so this isn’t actually an organized recipe. It is all… Continue reading Carlifornia roll sushi bowl


One pan chicken and rice

I am on a roll of easy, as few steps as possible recipes these days. Between moving yet again to a new place, finding my steps in a French speaking town, going back to school to learn a new trade and not breaking my neck in the ice and snow outside, I am tired. But… Continue reading One pan chicken and rice

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Oven roasted eggplants in sweet chilli sauce

I absolutely love eggplants. Baba Ganoush, fried eggplants, moussaka, eggplant Parmesan. You name it, I'll eat it. The problem with eggplants is that in order to make them at home, I was taught to slice them, sprinkle them with salt and wait for them to sweat. Later came wiping each slice carefully and some stinky… Continue reading Oven roasted eggplants in sweet chilli sauce

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Slow Cooker Succulent Turkey Breast

It really can't get easier then this, or more delicious. Slices from this turkey breast recipe feed my family for days, are great warm or cold (my personal favorite) and make kick ass sandwiches, salads and stir-frys. It is very tasty serves warm with mashed potatoes, but even better chilled overnight, then thinly sliced. Love… Continue reading Slow Cooker Succulent Turkey Breast

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Quick and Easy Barley Mujaddara

Forget the ease of this recipe and the awesome nutritional benefits of eating a (tasty!) complete vegetarian protein. Mujaddara is one of the most beloved middle eastern foods due to its simplicity (it's still just rice and lentils) but complex flavors. It is a wonderful side dish to any meat or fish but will also make… Continue reading Quick and Easy Barley Mujaddara

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Slow Cooker Orange and Honey Beef stew

A list of things I want you to know: 1.My family and I are in the midst of relocating ourselves, our three children under the age of five, our clothes, our books and what is left of our peripheral nervous system. 2. We are leaving the cold, wild North, the only home my children have ever… Continue reading Slow Cooker Orange and Honey Beef stew