About Me


Random things about me:

  1. I look like a hobbit. Small, round and curly haired.
  2. I Really like food and wine.
  3. Beer too.
  4. Which makes me a good hobbit.
  5. My last meal will include schnitzel. Yours should too.
  6. I like making lists.
  7. Writing.
  8. And reading.
  9. I love steamy romance novels and I don’t care what you think.
  10. I should probably lose 10lb. Or a 100.
  11. But then again, #2
  12. I surround myself with funny, honest, in your face weirdos. My 3 children included.
  13. I still love my hunky husband. Probably because #12
  14. I live in frozen northern Quebec, dream of the beach and fully blame my husband for this unfortunate mistake.
  15. I am a chronic eye balling, short cutting, fix-it-and-forget-it kinda gal. Any recipe you will find here can be prepared with a beer in hand, before or after your nap.

Join me on the dark side, We have Paprika.


27 thoughts on “About Me

  1. How come my comments never appear? But this is besides the point. OK… If I got this right, you changed your name-site to “Salt & Paprika” instead of “mini me”? So this would be a site only for food? But what about your other themes, like your adventures as a new mom? Which I really loved… and found hilarious! It also brought back memories of those wonderful years of my being a mom. But also, it made me realise the great differences between the now-moms and the then-moms. If anyone is interested, I may start pointing them out… Grand-Maman Miche XXXX


  2. Hey! Wow! It really worked this time, I can actually see the comment I just sent, instead of it falling in the e-black-hole like all the others I wrote before. Must have done something right… now I have to figure what it was. Grand-Maman Miche XXXX


  3. Way to go, girl!
    Adam told me what did you start, and i was amazed!
    That is so cool and not such a scary thing as it sounds, “nahon”?!:)

    Kisses and hugs from us!:)


  4. hello to you 4,ill be able to see your site and found a way to answer, not to bad,i’am the computer king now ,so have a nice day and see you when you’ll come to south


  5. Hi Ayalla,
    i finally took the time to go and check time your website. After all , i was sitting in your kitchen not long ago and i wanted to maybe steal some of your recipe!! It was a great pleasure to share some time with you and your family. I hope we can do this again sometimes. Talk to you soon i hope…..from one busy mom to the other…


  6. :0) Hi Miss,
    hope the family is doing great. I am now back to France an I come to check your blog from time to time to travel with my imagination through these nice dishes and the yummy pics that illustrate them. Keep on going like that !


  7. Bonjour a vous tous!!
    ET voici un petit mot de chibougamau !! Super beau site !! hummm !! 😛 Tres bientot nous essayerons toutes tes bonnes recettes !
    Bon retour a la maison et bonne continuation !! Contentes de vous avoir connu!

    Amelie et Marika


    1. Bonjour les filles!

      Ca a ete un plaisir de vous rencontrer! Merci encore pour une si belle experience! Nous avons l’intention de venir vous visiter bientot!
      s.v.p laissez moi savoir si les recettes sont bien sorties et si vous avez besoin d’aide avec la traduction.

      Vous etes supers!



  8. hello!!!!
    how did the first part of the move go? hope it went and continues to go smoothly!!!
    great site!!
    tamara and jake and family


  9. Ayalla, you have to go see this food site :
    and most especially the “Boulangerie Andalos (Montreal, QC)” review of August 2011… I had a fun time reading and looking at the mouth-watering images all over his site. Got loads of ideas from the restaurant food plates… and from the photos of the front of the restaurants. I really like the idea of reviewing different eating places like this guy does. Think you could do something like this with restaurants in Israel ? It would be a fun read and make us visit at the same time…


  10. I have a question and I was wondering how I can contact you. I would like to try your microwaveable orange marmalade recipe in the next few days. I would like to send a jar through the maail to a friend. Will the marmalade be okay for a few days unrefrigerated?


  11. What happened to your microwave orange marmalade recipe? I made it twice it was good. I wanted to make it for a birthday present but can’t find it. I looked online but still no recipe.


  12. Hi! You probably heard from me a few years ago. I have made this Jam before with calamodins a hybrid of oranges. The jam was very good. I am going to make it now for a gift using oranges. I need to send the jelly from PA to Texas. How long will the jelly keep unregrigerated? How long does it keep in the frig. after opening?


  13. I can no longer find your recipe for slow cooker Greek chicken and potatoes. My Pinterest link doesn’t work any more and I love this dish. I can’t find it here either. Do you still have a link?


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